By Ailsa Bulloch

When someone uses the word ‘home’ I think of Bramdean. I am twelve years old and have lived in Bramdean all my life. My first memory is of the Woodlands Kindergarten that is held in the village hall. I used to go in the morning and then Mum would pick me up at lunchtime. I went to school at Cheriton when I was five and very soon got used to going on the bus with Mr Hunt the driver There were several accidents with cars in the narrow lanes hut we were never hurt.

Christmas time means a candle-lit carol service and often a nativity play in the church and a party in the village hall arranged by Mrs Blake for all the children in the village. Father Christmas is always there (he was my Dad one year but that was a secret) and we would all receive a present.

Sometimes we go on village walks in the summer and there is always a church fete with running races for the children and another fete on the recreation ground to raise money for the Christmas party. For several years we have had tennis coaching on the tennis court at Bramdean House and pantomimes in January in the village hall and quite a few people with swimming pools let us use them in the summer

‘Christmas time means a candle-lit carol service’

Bramdean Village Hall Difibrillator